Twist & Spout (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s always the simplest designs and innovations that seem to turn heads the most.

The Twist & Spout is designed to fit just about any soda or water bottle that uses a screw-on cap. The long-spout version is designed to be used as a garden-style watering can, and the short-spout version is designed for use in the kitchen making large 2-liter soda bottles far easier to handle, and of course pour.

The garden version is available in either blur or green while the kitchen version is available in pink and orange. Both versions are available for $5.99 from Perpetual Kid.

[Twist & Spout] VIA [Better Living Through Design]


  1. this design are really hoplfull. and the shape is the problem. actually your design enought good.. you not need use the shape to catuhing people eye.. maybe your design have over design..
    sorry to give this comment…