By David Ponce

You know, if you want to drop a cool million on an exotic sportscar, you’re more than welcome. The Veyron awaits. But you should know that all your money won’t get you the fastest. Not by a long shot. UK car nut Andy Frost has spent several years modifying a 1971 Vauxhall Vectra, and has successfully built the world’s fastest (non-production) street legal car, dubbed “Red Victor 2”. How fast you ask? How about 0 to 60 in one second flat. That’s right, one. Compare that to the Veyron’s now paltry “sub-3 seconds”. Or, how about a quarter mile time of 7.8 seconds, compared to the McLaren F1’s now positively snailish 11.1 seconds. It hits 140mph in around five seconds and reaches 183 in 7.8 seconds. Under the hood, Frost has packed a 9.3 litre V8, with two huge turbos generating 2,200 bhp… more than twice as much as the Veyron’s puny 1,001. Only problem we see, aside from the lack of luxuries on the inside, is the gluttonous appetite for fuel: the car averages 5 miles per gallon. But who cares? As the guy on the video says: “If Satan was a car, this would be Satan.”

The funny thing about all this is that Frost has spent perhaps as “little” as $180,000 on the car over the years; Bugatti would like you to feel special for spending more than five times as much on a car that now, in terms of performance alone, seems positively emasculated.

Check out the video.

VIA [Express And Star]


  1. Thats absolutely amazing indeed but i don’t like how they take a dig at the Veyron. The first thing they have to realise is that Veyron has a 1000 BHP engine, not some engine with 50 million turbochargers in it. That makes it engineering brilliance, strining a ton of nitrous to an engine doesn’t. Plus a Veyron goes fast arround the bends too, i doubt this will even turn.

    I hate this ignorent people who diss proper engineering.

  2. Actually, Ninja, if I’m not mistaken, the Veyron actually uses four, (yes four) turbos to achieve its 1,001 bhp. That said, it doesn’t use Nitro, though I’m not sure the Red Vector 2 does, either. Does it?

  3. My hat goes off to the guy, a nice car, made even nicer and doing that much work on it to give it thats many horses. Who cares how he got it to go that fast, nitrous or not it is still the fastest road legal car, put some nitrous on a veyron and it would still have a hard time keeping up with this.

  4. its all muscle so of course its gonna have more bhp but it does lack in top speed and handling
    muscle cars cant corner for shit
    also bugatti is also a luxury car
    also the # of turbos doesnt mean instant bhp

  5. yeah too bad this muscle car can’t hit 407km/h (253mph).
    this car is not “faster” than a bugatti…its QUICKER, but not faster. The fastest modified street legal car i’ve heard of is a 1988 corvette that does somewhere around 258 (i can’t believe it either).

  6. I do believe The Vectra would get smoked against this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1963 Corvette is a street-legal car that exceeded 210 mph in the quarter mile
    Going from zero to 60 mph in one second
    2,400-horsepower, twin-turbo-charged Corvette
    Then the Corvette reached the quarter-mile mark in 6.95 seconds at 210.54 mph –
    the fastest-ever recorded drag strip run by a street-legal car.

    See Link below.

  7. The Bugatti has twice as many turbo’s as this does, also the Bugatti couldn’t keep up with the Vectra even if it too had nitrous installed. The matter of the fact is that this car would beat a Bugatti veyron, Ariel Atom or any other fast accelerating machine on the road today. As you can see he does quarter mile drag races in it, and very quickly he does, its not as if he uses it in track circuits or anything. I am sure for the remaining £700000 he could have leather seats, and all the other luxuries that the Veyron has although clearly “Red Victor 2” was not designed for luxurious comfort but for insane acceleration and the fastest possible quarter mile time.