People lock themselves out of their houses more often than you think. Being locked out of your very own home sucks and it’s a huge waste of time. There’s the matter of calling your roommate and asking him to bring the spare key; calling the super to let you in; or worse, climbing in through a window and having your neighbors sic the police on you because they thought you were a burglar.

With all this in mind, maybe it’s time we used something else to secure our homes. Of course, we’d still need a physical lock. But as far as keys go, Kwikset is setting out to change things up on this end with the UniKey.

No more physical keys with this new technology, since all you’ll need to open your door is a virtual key that’s stored on your mobile device.

UniKey comes with touch-to-unlock capabilities, although it doesn’t rely on a biometric scanner. Instead, it uses proximity sensors to determine if you’re within the prescribed range from the front door. It then uses Bluetooth to check if your phone has the virtual key via its iOS app. Once all this is verifies, just touch to unlock and go on your merry way.

The first UniKey lock is called the Kwikset Kevo and it’ll go on pre-sale next month for less than $250.

VIA [ Dvice ]


  1. Basically, giving your phone even more capabilities means that if you lose your phone you are even more screwed than before.