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UrbanEars Medis Headphones Provide A Snug, Yet Comfortable, Fit

UrbanEars Medis Headphones Provide A Snug, Yet Comfortable, Fit

UrbanEars Medis (Images courtesy UrbanEars)
By Andrew Liszewski

While earbuds are a slightly more inconspicuous way to enjoy your music over a pair of headphones, particularly when you’re out and about, a lot of people have problems actually keeping them in their ears. So instead of burrowing a rubber cushion deep into the ear canal to act as an anchor, these Medis earbuds from UrbanEars use something called the ‘earclick’ solution which secures itself using two separate pressure points in the ear. (The cartilaginous antitragus just above the earlobe and the inferior crux located near the upper part of the ear. Thanks to Charlie over at Wired for looking that up.) And since no two ears are alike, I’m assuming, the Medis come with four variable sized swappable pads to ensure a snug fit for anyone.

As for tech specs, the earbuds boast a fairly large 15.4mm driver which should provide robust sound even though they sit just outside the ear canal and don’t channel the sound to your eardrums, a fabric cord which is less prone to tangles, an inline remote/microphone and various 3.5mm stereo plug adapters allowing them to be used with pretty much any smartphone or media player on the market. Most surprisingly though is that they retail for just $50, and if black isn’t your favorite absence of color, there are 11 other particularly bright hues to choose from.

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