USB Airplane Fan

By Evan Ackerman

Haven’t you always dreamed of having your own private plane? You know, nothing fancy, just a little single engined low-wing tail-dragger that you could cruise around in? Imagine it: “Cubicle tower, this is USB Two-Zero-Oscar-Golf-Zulu holding short on runway Desk, requesting takeoff clearance…” Now you can have that little plane, although getting takeoff clearance might pose a bit of a problem, since the engine is powered by a USB cable and it’s designed to function as a fan. It’s quite a clever design if you ask me, and as an aviation enthusiast, I’d be proud to own one whether it flies or not. Besides, I’m confident that sooner or later, someone will come out with a more powerful wireless USB version that will actually be able to take off and strafe your coworkers. Soon to be available from Kikkerland. Meantime, if you’d like something a little more powerful, there’s always this.

VIA [ Technabob ]