By David Ponce

Have you ever felt the need to know how the temperature of your outdoors frog pond varies throughout the day? How about throughout the season? No? Never? Come on now, at least some of you must be of the inquisitive type. The USB Waterproof Data Logger is able to record the temperature of whatever it’s submerged in to a 0.0625°C resolution rate, within its 0.5°C error margin. More importantly, it’s able to record up to 700,000 such measurements over time, in its tiny 32MB memory. If you set the interval to every 10 seconds, this means it can stay submerged and measuring for up to 80 days. It stores the data is CSV files which can be easily manipulated with Excel or other spreadsheet software. And it’s powered by two AAA batteries which given the low 4uA consumption rate means they can last for as much as 6 months.

We’re not professional data gatherers, so we can’t think of many situations where we’d want something like this, and yet we feel that there must be many. So for those of you out there who could use this, know that it’s $74.

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