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VAX77 Fold & Carry MIDI Controller

VAX77 Fold & Carry MIDI Controller

VAX77 Midi Controller (Image courtesy Infinite Response)
By Andrew Liszewski

Speaking of folding keyboards, the VAX77 MIDI Controller from Infinite Response is designed for musicians who travel without the benefit of roadies to move their equipment for them. The keyboard splits in the middle thanks to a set of pre-stressed hinges, but when opened it’s not only solid, but the keys perfectly align at the split point, so there’s no compromises when playing.

The VAX77 also comes pre-loaded with preset lists from “several dozen popular hardware and software synths” and includes the necessary PC & Mac software to upload hundreds more. A built-in touch screen LCD display allows you to manage the synth library directly on the keyboard, and also provides other functionality like virtual sliders and drawbars. The VAX77 is set to be unveiled at the NAMM show in Anaheim in mid-January, at which point pricing information will probably be announced.

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