By Evan Ackerman

You probably keep your old VCR around because of that pile of VHS tapes that you still have. But come on, are you really going to go through all the hassle of rewinding a tape just to watch Labyrinth in lousy quality one more time? Yeah, true, I totally would. Anyway, you should relegate that entire technology system to the garage or the basement and replace it with something that’s relevant in this day and age: a media center PC. And just to make the transition easier for you, it’s a media center PC that looks just like a VCR.

Currently available from Maplin in the UK, this is a barebones system, meaning that you get to stick your own operating system, hard drive, and optical drive into it. But it does come with a Intel motherboard and processor, a wireless card, a bunch of inputs and outputs, and a TV tuner. Only problem is, it’s a European tuner, which means you’re either gonna have to run a really really really long cable, or find some way of swapping it out for something that’s relevant in the civilized part of the world.

The VCR barebones media center PC is $212 plus shipping.

[ Maplin ] VIA [ RFJ ]