By Shane McGlaun

The only time I like wireless mice are when they are for notebooks. When it comes to my desktop computer for gaming, I want a wired mouse. Wireless mice need to be charged too frequently for my tastes when used with desktop computers.

One of the biggest things that bugs me about wireless notebook mice are the big USB adapters that you have to plug into the notebook for connectivity. Those long adapters stick out so far from the side of the machine that it can be easy to break them off when it comes time to pack up your notebook and go.

Verbatim has a new notebook mouse called the Nano Wireless Optical Mouse that is available in eight different colors. The big feature of the mouse isn’t the different color offerings, but a tiny USB dongle that hardly protrudes from the side of the notebook. In fact, the dongle is so small you really don’t even have to unplug it to put your notebook into a backpack. The mouse sells for $29.99 and uses 2.4GHz wireless technology.

[ Verbatim ]