Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II To Be First To Sport “Swype” Text Input


By David Ponce

If you’ve never heard of Swype, it’s a company that’s looking to change the way we enter text into mobile devices. So far, you’ve had two options: T9 and iPhone-like qwerty keyboards. Three options, really, if you count Multitap, but who uses that anyway? All these methods involve tapping distinct buttons. Swype however has you moving your finger from one letter to the next, without ever lifting it. This makes for one-handed text input that’s supposed to feel natural and intuitive. The system essentially makes out what you’re trying to say from what looks like a bunch on unintelligible squibbles. Early reviews were positive and now the company has announced that the first Swype-enabled phone to hit the market will be the Omnia II, on Verizon, on December 2nd.

The above video shows a side by side comparison of Swype versus someone typing on the iPhone. Never mind that the iPhone user is obviously challenged and types slower than my grandmother would. What’s interesting is to see Swype in action, and keep in mind that it’s one-handed.

[ Swype ] VIA [ Techcrunch ]


  1. There is another app out there that does almost short hand type input and makes it full. It's pretty neat, they should improve on this and update the texting games to offer different styles of typing… lol