By Jonathan Kimak

Artist Jamie O’Shea created this vertical bed more for artistic reasons than for mass production. The bed was displayed during the Conflux Festival in New York city. O’Shea used the bed to sleep for 40 minutes every 4 hours during the event which ran from September 11 to the 14th.

The bed contains a series of bolts that can fasten onto grates or in the cracks of a sidewalk to keep the user in place. Harnesses hidden under the clothing and leg and thigh poles support the weight of the sleeper. Back and neck supports keep the person comfortable while mirrored sunglasses and sound canceling headphones block out the rest of the world. And just in case it rains there’s an umbrella.

I suppose the vertical bed could be used for some tasks like standing in line for a new movie/concert/game but I personally wouldn’t want to ever give up my nice comfy bed.

[ Vertical Bed ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]