By David Ponce

There’s something about turning a traditional game of chess on its side and hanging it on a wall that invites a passive gameplay. This particular set looks like an ornate picture frame and one can imagine it hanging on a wall in a mansion much too large for its inhabitants. Each player could walk by it on any given day and play their turn, only to come back the following week and pick the game up where it was left off. A “last move” marker indicates to the opponent what just happened, making it even easier to let time pass between plays. At $300, the pricetag matches the scenario:

The board is made from cherry veneer, alternately stained and left in its natural color to produce the 3 1/4″ H x 2″ W black and white spaces. Eight transparent acrylic shelves support its set of classic Staunton chess pieces. The black pieces are made from rosewood, known for its darkly veined grain and stout heft; the white pieces are made from boxwood, selected for its fine grain and high density–all are turned by hand and finished with a durable, high-gloss cover coat.

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