By David Ponce

Let’s face it, Vertu phones are for the rich. They’re a status symbol, like a Ferrari or a Rolex. And now the company is launching its first touchscreen with a capacitive AMOLED touch display and an upgraded 8 Megapixel camera, which is a first of its kind in this high-end range. Also, 32GB of data storage on the phone. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Specs don’t really matter on these phones; they could be steam powered and they’d still sell. We don’t even know what OS it’s going to be running. It might be Symbian for all we know as that was a staple Virtu OS previously. What does matter for a Virtu owner is the other stuff that comes with its purchase. Top notch concierge service for instance.

Vertu Concierge can arrange bespoke gifts for a loved one, or suggest the best restaurant in town for a business meeting, all thanks to their staff of global experts based in all the major cities that will advise you either via voice call or email.

Vertu Concierge can even get you past the lines and security and night clubs and country clubs, partnering with many members around the world to offer a once-yearly admission for you and a friend.

Hear that? VIP service at clubs? There’s even access to a sommelier to help you pick good wines. And here are the prices: “Brown ($6,070), polished black or pink ($6,760), black alligator ($8,967), black or white alligator leather with diamonds ($10,900), and red gold with precious metals ($15,034).”

Oh and Rosie Huntington-Whitely was at the launch party. She’s the girl that replaced Meagan Fox on the new Transformers movie. Just sayin…

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