by Ryan Nill

Victorinox has unveiled its new Victoria series; 240 pimped out pocket knives, available only while supplies last. Half are covered in yellow gold 750, the other 120 have been smothered in pure platinum 950, with 430 flawless diamonds on every knife. Both are 74mm Executive-type Victorinox army knives and come with 2 blades, a nail file and cleaner, scissors, orange peeler, screwdriver, ring and pair of tweezers. Everything except the tweezers has been engraved and given another coating of bling. Also comes with matching precious metal chain, so that you can show off your lack of class.

Now the important part: cost. The gold knife will set you back $50,000 while the platinum one comes for an absurd $70,000. So if you have to chose between a new car and one of these knives, we here at OhGizmo! sincerely hope you’ll make the right choice.

[Go for the bling. Who the hell needs a house anyway? -Ed.]

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