By Evan Ackerman

This little piece of spy equipment is something that could possibly make that Bond James Bond guy a little jealous, if his watches weren’t consistently endowed with badass weaponry. If you’re more the passive surveillance type as opposed to the lasers and sonic disintegrators and garrote wires and kicking ass and ordering pretentious drinks and getting the girl type, then I pity you, but the Secret Agent Camcorder Watch may be right up your nonthreatening alley. It has a pinhole camera hidden in the number 2 on the face of the watch, with a little mic on the side. The camera captures 352 x 288 full color AVIs for up to 2 hours nonstop before the battery goes dead, and a USB port on the side of the watch allows convenient offloads. The camera can also take VGA (640 x 480) still pics, and the 2 gigs of onboard memory can be used as data storage. And it even works as a watch!

The trick to this is going to be getting the camera and the microphone pointing in a relevant direction without snapping your wrist in half, and I imagine it takes quite a bit of practice to pull it off while simultaneously not looking like someone trying to slyly point their wrist at something.

The Secret Agent Camcorder Watch costs a nickle under $200.

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