A-170 Video Lightsign Airship (Images courtesy Gizmag & Lightships)

By Andrew Liszewski

Are blimps and airships really an effective way of advertising? Well that’s debatable since I imagine when most people hear the name Goodyear they think of the blimp well before they think of the tires. That will probably change though once these innovative new blimps take to the air.

At this year’s NAB broadcast conference (think CES but with video cameras costing $80,000) the Lightship Group unveiled their A-170 Lightsign Airship. Instead of a static logo on the side of the blimp they’ve incorporated a high-quality LED screen measuring 30 by 70 feet capable of displaying over 30,000 pixels. While it’s limited to a single color in the daytime in order to be visible in the sunlight at night the airship’s screen works in full color making it hard to miss. It’s capable of broadcasting a wide variety of media as well from live TV events to stock tickers to slide shows.

While the airship has received FAA approval and has completed testing the Lightship Group is still researching the market demand so it will unfortunately be a while before we see these take flight.

[A-170 Video Lightsign Airship] VIA [Gizmag]


  1. Lightships A-170 Video Blimp…

    Say good-bye, Goodyear blimp. Your ride is now obsolete. Lightship unveiled this beast of a blimp at the NAB broadcast conference last week. It has a massive 30-foot by 70-foot LED screen that displays over 30,000 pixels. During the day……

  2. There were similar blimps in the movie Blade Runner. “A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies…” Nice to see 2019 is getting closer.