What with the price of storage dropping faster than a nickel on a neutron star (link is for those of you on whom the analogy is lost…), I get the feeling that CDs will soon be going the way of the dodo. Or perhaps more appropriately, the way of the Betamax, the 8-Track or even the VHS. That hasn’t stopped Italian company Vismara from making a full line of vaguely interesting looking CD and DVD racks.

The one you see pictured here is called “Chiocciola”, which means “scroll”. It holds 85 disks, and is otherwise, well, somewhat unremarkable, really.

The point here I guess, is that you should at least give their website a perfunctory glance, if only to amuse yourselves at the sight of their fully illuminated and motorized 122 CD Empire State Building rack.

Prices are conspicuously absent from the website. You can visit it, once again, here. Story VIA TRFJ.