If you value your privacy, then you’re probably wary about surveillance or security systems that use facial recognition programs or snap pictures of passersby. They’re widely used these days, and you might’ve already resorted to wearing sunglasses to protect your privacy. However, sunglasses alone won’t be enough to prevent detection on facial recognition systems.

For that, you’d probably need something like these privacy visors that were developed by┬áJapan’s National Institute of Informatics.

“Light from these near-infrared LEDs can’t be seen by the human eye, but when it passes through a camera’s imaging device, it appears bright. The LEDs are installed in these locations because, a feature of face detection is, the eyes and part of the nose appear dark, while another part of the nose appears bright. So, by placing light sources mostly near dark parts of the face, we’ve succeeded in canceling face detection characteristics, making face detection fail.”

The privacy visors works on cameras that are affected by infrared light. For cameras that aren’t affected by infrared, they suggest a visor that doesn’t use electricity but instead comes covered in reflective material, as this “makes light from outside look white.” The resulting “pattern breaks up the features used in face detection.”

VIA [ DigInfo ]