Sonaki Vitamin C Showerhead (Image courtesy Sonaki America)By Andrew Liszewski

That’s right, if the thought of eating more fruit or taking some pill to get your daily dose of vitamin C doesn’t thrill you then Sonaki has come up with an unusual alternative. The company makes showerheads that can hold a vitamin C filter and while I don’t actually know if this is a viable alternative to eating fruit or taking a supplement there are some definite benefits.

Sonaki claims the vitamin C filter will remove 99% of chlorine and chloramines from the tap water helping to neutralize any acidity found in the water. It can also improve dry or irritated skin, prevents chlorine-caused dandruff, protects the color of dyed hair and is especially useful for babies or pets with sensitive skin. They even claim it will reduce water usage by up to 40% but I assume that’s a benefit of their ‘low-flow’ showerhead design rather than the vitamin C filter.

The basic white showerhead pictured above is available for $79 but Sonaki also produces more elaborate and expensive models if you absolutely need that morning massage. Each vitamin C filter lasts for about 3000 gallons of water and are available in packs of 5 for $49.

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