Vortex Blender (Image courtesy Gaiam)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m truly amazed at the type of things people can’t live without when they go camping. In fact these days camping seems more like an adventure in finding battery, solar or manual powered gadgets rather than a way of getting away from it all. Well adding to the list of hand-powered gadgets is the Vortex Blender for those who can’t survive a day or two in the wilderness without a smoothie or margarita.

The blender includes a 1.5 liter Lexan pitcher with an O-ring sealing top and a removable pour spout that also doubles as a 1 oz. shot glass. The base has a brushed stainless steel finish, rubber feet and includes a C-clamp for stable operation. And to make sure it fits in your backpack the base of the blender fits inside the pitcher making the whole package easily transportable.

It’s currently available from Gaiam for $88 and the site warns that when operating at the highest speed the blender is quite noisy, so don’t expect to see much wildlife if you’re using this thing out in the woods.

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