vPipes (Image courtesy vPipes)By Andrew Liszewski

How many of us have been in this situation? You’re on the road away from home and the perfect opportunity to play your bagpipes arises, but unfortunately they were just a bit too big to fit into the suitcase and so you have to do without.

Ok, so the vPipes weren’t really designed for this scenario but looking at the website they appear to be a bag-less, digital alternative that allows you to play or practise the bagpipes in a scenario that would be impractical or impossible with a full set of pipes. Believe it or not there are some people who are not fans of the unique sound the bagpipes are known for so when faced with these music critics simply connect a pair of headphones and you can play away without disturbing a soul. The vPipes can also be connected to a speaker or amplifier and even has serial MIDI in and out hookups.

I wasn’t able to find any pricing information at this time, but if you’re interested sound samples are available for download from the vPipes website.