VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

Space is limited. Not just in the major cities of the world, but in your backpack too. There’s only so much you can fit into your backpack: your sleeping bag, maybe a thermos, some rations. But one thing you should definitely make room for is this flashlight-slash-tube of utility tools by VSSL. It’s ingenious, really.

They’ve made better use of the otherwise vacant space in the handle of a flashlight by filling it up with tins containing potentially life-saving stuff. Three types of VSSL utility tubes are available: Supplies, First Aid, and Shelter. Each one comes with a set of components all packed neatly into tin cans. For example, the Supplies tin comes with a Canadian beeswax candle, a razor blade, six Aquatabs water purification tablets, waterproof matches, fishing gear, firestars, and a signaling mirror, among other things.
VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools1 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools2 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools3 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools4 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools5 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools6 VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools7

The VSSL itself is waterproof and comes with a dual-mode flashlight and oil-filled compass. These will be available to ship by fall of 2014, with the Suppliest model costing $89. The First Aid and Shelter variants will retail for $60.

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