Wacom eSignature Tablets (Image courtesy Wacom)
By Andrew Liszewski

In addition to their indispensable graphics tablets, Wacom also applies their technology to more mundane solutions like their new line of eSignature tablets designed for checkouts, banks or anywhere an electronic signature is required. Three different models were recently announced including the top-of-the-line STU-520 which includes an 800×480 color LCD display which can be used for additional point-of-sale marketing and the STU-500 & STU-300 which feature basic monochrome displays designed to just get the job done.

And besides just capturing a signature, Wacom’s pen technology can also record and store additional information like pen speed and pressure which helps generate a unique biometric profile for the user making it particularly difficult for others to forge their John Hancock. It’s just too bad that their clever wireless pen technology is rendered moot in such an application since the stylus will inevitably end up tethered to the tablet.

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