Projector Phone (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just last week 3M announced that their MPro110 handheld projector would be shipping on September 30, which was great news for those who’ve been following the development of mini projectors over the years. Their palm sized projector weighs just a third of a pound which is an impressive feat, but the real ‘holy grail’ of mini projectors would be the oft-promised version that’s small enough to fit into a cellphone. So given that 3M is the first company to get a handheld projector to the market, I’m kind of surprised to see that Chinavasion is already selling a projector equipped cellphone.

It’s a tri-band GSM model that features all of the options you’d expect on a smartphone these days like a touch screen, bluetooth, digital camera, microSD card slot and what appears to be a bastardized version of the iPhone OS, but it also includes a built-in 640×480 projector, which is definitely something most consumers would not expect. The photo above shows a supposed actual projection from the phone, but the video I’ve included below seems a bit more indicative of what the projector’s quality is really like.

The phone itself isn’t tiny by any stretch of the imagination, but part of its girth comes from the 1800mAh battery which provides up to 3 hours of talk time, and about 2 hours of projector use. Now obviously the phone can’t compete with the quality of a full-sized projector, but with a price tag of about $370 I’m sorely tempted to order one just to see it working in person.

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