By Shane McGlaun

The other day my son learned a valuable life lesson, one of those lessons that every guy learns at one point in life — girls get nicer bathrooms. One day he will learn another valuable life lesson — dads have to act like they love what you give them for Father’s Day even if it sucks.

This year don’t give dad something that sucks, Walmart has a few specials for dad’s day that any dad would be glad to get. If dad doesn’t have a Blu-ray player he would love to get the Magnavox NB500MGX Blu-ray player Walmart is offering for only $128 and you can pick up some Blu-ray movies two for $20. Even if you aren’t a dad that is a cheap price on a Blu-ray player, even if it will lack some of the newer Blu-ray features that require Internet connectivity.

If dad likes games you can get him an 80GB PS3 bundled with Quantum of Solace and MLB ’09 The Show for $399. A new TV is always nice as well and a 37-inch 720p Sanyo is going for $398, a 42-inch Vizio 1080p model can be had for $697, and a 52-inch Bravia 1080p is offered for $1,788. There are many more Father’s Day gifts on sale as well. Just stay away from the tie section.

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