Well then… time marches on, doesn’t it? Choice excerpts from this lovely video include the following.

5:43 – “In a split second, I would throw this in the trash and get back the iPad.”

5:59 – “The gaming device… is stupid.”

6:53 – “You gotta thank this, this is the grandfather of everything.” (smart kid!)

VIA [ Incredible Things ]


  1. “It’s like a big DS”. ROFLMAO this does make me feel old…and I’m only 23. My first game device was the super nintendo, I feel fairly spoiled for that fact alone. I remember playing the OG gameboy, but never owned one myself, I was a pro and bought the gameboy POCKET as my first (which was only available in japan I might add), and then the Gameboy COLOR (oh my god) blew my freaking mind.