Want To Feel Old? Watch This Video Of Kids Being Introduced To The Original GameBoy


Well then… time marches on, doesn’t it? Choice excerpts from this lovely video include the following.

5:43 – “In a split second, I would throw this in the trash and get back the iPad.”

5:59 – “The gaming device… is stupid.”

6:53 – “You gotta thank this, this is the grandfather of everything.” (smart kid!)

VIA [ Incredible Things ]


  1. “It’s like a big DS”. ROFLMAO this does make me feel old…and I’m only 23. My first game device was the super nintendo, I feel fairly spoiled for that fact alone. I remember playing the OG gameboy, but never owned one myself, I was a pro and bought the gameboy POCKET as my first (which was only available in japan I might add), and then the Gameboy COLOR (oh my god) blew my freaking mind.