Want Some ‘Iron Man 3’ Instant Noodles? Well, Come and Get It!


Iron Man Instant Noodles

Iron Man 3 will be hitting theaters in less than two weeks’ time and the hype is on hyperdrive. Aside from the endless barrage of trailers and promotions on the big screen as well as on the silver screen, a handful of themed toys have already been released on the market. Even stuff that you never thought would get made are getting made, like Iron Man 3 instant noodles.

It doesn’t come with a suit or any fire power, but it will give you that boost of energy your normally get after eating a particularly hearty meal.

“Appearing in limited packages “RED CHILI NOODLE” was adopted design of the movie “Iron Man 3” from “KING CUP Sapporo Ichiban” King prime vertical cup noodles of about 1.9 times regular size volume ratio.

Ingredients: good combination color cabbage, minced meat, star fish paste, red bell pepper.”

It’s being manufactured by Sanyo Foods Japan and will be hitting store shelves in Japan on April 22nd.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]