Warping Wallpaper For Those Trippy Nights


warped wallpaper from surrealien

By David Ponce

The wallpaper you see in the above picture is not an artist’s rendition of a hallucinogenic experience; it’s actual wallpaper from a German company called Surrealien. You send them a detailed technical plan of your room, including doorframes, hangings and outlets, and the company then sends you back specially designed wallpaper. The patterns wrap around objects in the room, giving your crib a unique look.

Wallpapering is placarding – why not react? Paper is sloppily slapped onto walls, disregarding the surface. Windows, doors and switches rip holes into patterns, disturbing their continuity. Our product dissolves limits between architecture, wallpaper and hangings, with the wallpaper functioning as sensitive gobetween. So it’s time to: warp your room!

Browsing the site reveals nothing of cost: it all depends on how complex you want it, and how much wall you got.

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warped wallpaper from surrealien


warped wallpaper from surrealien

warped wallpaper from surrealien

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