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By David Ponce

Veebeam  is a cool product that will take the hassle out of watching your digital files in your TV or HDTV.  The idea is that it can capture what is on your computer screen and send that signal wirelessly (through secure Wireless USB) to a base station which is connected to your HDTV.  The way this is done is very simple.  You download the software, which is available for Mac and Windows.  Once installed, take the USB antenna from the base station, insert into available USB socket and wait for pairing.  On the TV, switch to the appropriate video source and you’re good to go. The base station can output in 1080P and also has a digital audio/TOSLink for appropriate sound reproduction through your home theatre’s sound system.

There are two playback modes.  One in which the TV shows exactly what is on your computer screen, and another that lets you multitask, sending only the video files you’d like to the TV while allowing you to get some work done on the computer.

The standard definition Veebeam is $99 while the high definition is $149.  And if you use coupon code “20off” you can get 20% off any Veebeam purchase.

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