Wayfinder V7500 Compass (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

I guess this can be considered the 21st century version of the old ‘bubble compasses’ you see stuck to a lot of dashboards. This one however boasts a compass with precision ‘digital’ accuracy and a backlit LCD display.

Other functions include an analog clock face that syncs with the atomic time broadcasts. An altimeter since who isn’t curious about what altitude they’re driving at, and a barometer with 12-24 hour weather forecasting. It runs on an included lithium battery and even comes with a suction cup mounting bracket for your windshield.

However, I really don’t know why anyone would spend $89.95 for this thing (available from SkyMall) when, for just a few more dollars, you can pick-up a cheap, low-end GPS unit that does all of this and a lot more.

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