By David Ponce

So this product is called the iPet Companion and what it does is let you play with your kittens or other domestic animals from the comfort of any Internet-connected computer. Once setup, a web-based control panel will let you watch a live stream through a panning and zooming webcam (which you control) and a few buttons which activate the toys the pets are supposed to play with. Now I’ll be honest, these toys are pretty terrible. You’re really looking at a small electric actuator that swivels back and forth. Attached at the end of it can be any furry, colorful darn thing you please. You press and hold the button on the control panel, and the thing swings back and forth. That’s it. If your cat doesn’t get bored of this within a minute, you’ve got one special kitty.

The best part is the price: $850. Although it’s mercifully on sale now for $350. Still a good chunk of change. But if you absolutely must indulge your obsession, why don’t you try it out with some iPet Companion systems currently setup at several animal shelters? You can access these at the company’s website which we’ve linked to below.

[ iPet Companion ] VIA [ Technabob ]