There is no debate. Period.

Vaccinations work. Period. This has been proven millions and millions of times, and is as well established a fact as gravity pulling you downwards, and your needing oxygen to live. Not vaccinating your kids is irresponsible and inconsiderate. You’re not entitled to your “beliefs” when they’re not only wrong, but also selfish and backwards. You’re not only endangering your child, you’re putting others’ at risk.

Below is a handy flowchart to help you understand the issue. And here’s a link to a New York Times article on the discredited, fraudulent study done several years ago, and which still unfortunately fuels too much of this pseudo-debate.

If you still choose to “believe” that vaccinations are bad for your kids, in the face of overwhelming, indisputable scientific evidence, then you really are beyond help and we really hope the children around yours don’t catch some completely freaking preventable disease.


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  1. Holy $hit!!

    “You’re not entitled to your “beliefs” when they’re not only wrong, but also selfish and backwards.”

    No progressive extremist could have said it any better!


    To be absolutely clear: Parents have the right to decide for their children and for themselves what is right for them. Period. You don’t own other people’s kids. Period. You don’t have the responsibility or a say in the medical treatment of others children. Period. And if you attempt to assert illegal authority over a parents medical decisions regarding said children, that assault will not be taken lightly. Period.

    For those that refuse vaccinations, they must be prepared to accept the consequences of that decision. They must be prepared to home school. They must be prepared for their children to contract these illnesses. They must be prepared for their children to be separated from the public. Although, separation of a non-vaccinated group from a vaccinated one…….isn’t that just a teeny bit illogical? I mean, after all, “Vaccinations work. Period. This has been proven millions and millions of
    times, and is as well established a fact as gravity pulling you
    downwards, and your needing oxygen to live.” Good grief.

    I believe in vaccinations. There are risks with everything, vaccinations included. But to think and/or imply that we know everything there is to know about the effects and interactions of the multi-bolus vaccination programs to every kid and possible body type / genome structure is to say there is nothing left to learn about them. Are you really willing to say something that stupid?

    One last thing: Who the hell do you think you are to believe you are the authority……to ME…..about anything? Don’t you EVER think you know what is best for me, or anyone else for that matter, other than yourself.


  2. lol Kevin…. way to get your feelings hurt so easily. Get over yourself and understand that just like the “people” you are trying to defend, the article written by David is expressing his opinion (which is my opinion as well). The so called “Parents” that don’t want to vaccinate their children are doing so in their opinion that it is wrong (not sure why). Besides, most of those people won’t ever be ready if their child ever contracts a preventable disease because they think its all a lie! So how are we supposed to expect them to keep their kids separate from the rest of ours if they think its all a lie anyways???

  3. Geez Rob…. Way to miss the obvious point, and continue to be a hypocrite.

    In case you missed it: I favor vaccinations.

    But according to you and David, your opinion, which you should be entitled to, overrides anyone with an opposing opinion, which they are NOT entitled to, because they are stupid.

    In your opinion of course.

    So you are invalidating and disenfranchising someone’s opinion based on your evaluation of their intelligence, which is of course based on your opinion.

    That about right?

    OMG! I am laughing at you right now. The arrogance you and people like you display is simply comedic. It is better entertainment than the comedy channel. LMAO!!

    Besides… This whole discussion and OPINION thread is meaningless… Since the vaccinated group won’t get a disease they’ve been vaccinated for, it will only affect the non-vaccinated group, right? So why are you terrified about it? You don’t even have a say in it; not a “horse in this particular race,” so to speak. Could it be you just want to tell someone else what to do? Yup. I think THAT is more likely. Because: In your opinion, you know what’s best.

    That’s only my opinion, of course.

  4. Kevin… you’re missing the point that unvaccinated kids can be dangerous to children who have depressed immunity for medical reasons. Or who are too young to receive shots yet. For example, a child with Leukaemia whose immune system has been temporarily destroyed by chemotherapy, and who relies on the fact that MOST other children around him are vaccinated for survival, will be at grave danger of infection and death by being exposed to unvaccinated kids. It’s called Herd Immunity. When you start introducing unvaccinated children in a group, you expose the weaker elements to unnecessary danger.

    These aren’t opinions, Kevin. If you only took the time to look at the evidence, at the science, you would see that everything can be proven. This isn’t a matter of opinion, any more than asserting that 2 + 2 = 4 is a matter of opinion. The earth is round, gravity pulls down, if you pull the trigger on a well-functioning loaded gun it will fire a bullet, and vaccines work. It is beyond a doubt, beyond the realm of opinion and debate. This is what you’re not seeing. If you look at the science, with an open mind, you will see this for yourself. It’s un-debatable.

    Are there risks? As you said in your earlier message, there are risks for everything. Even leaving your house. You could get hit by a car. You could get struck by lightning. Should you then never leave your home? The “risks” posed by vaccines are minimal, and there is definitely, absolutely no link to autism, which is the main fear in most anti-vaxxers. The rewards are great, however. For individuals as much as for communities and even our species. We, as a species, are much better off since the invention of vaccines, as can be easily demonstrated by our dramatically lower mortality rates.

  5. Uhhhh… As I said before, I believe in vaccinations… This is about telling someone else what to do. You have no right to do that. That isn’t an opinion, any more than charge flows from positive to negative, sodium bonds with chlorine, or we need water to survive. What you are not seeing is that EVERYTHING is up to an opinion, and yours is no more important than his, hers, or mine. In your opinion, his opinion doesn’t matter. In his opinion, YOURS doesn’t. Since you have no right to assert your opinion on him, he wins.

    As for your Leukaemia example: A child / person with that condition should not be in public where they can catch a common virus or some other infection …..having nothing to do with vaccinations. For you to put that child in that environment is irresponsible. That is not opinion, any more than “…asserting that 2 + 2 = 4 is a matter of opinion.” I think anyone doing so should be brought up on charges of child endangerment. After all….You take a child out into a germ / bacterial enriched environment with no immune system, you ARE endangering that child. And that’s not opinion either, any more than “…the earth is round, gravity pulls down, if you pull the trigger on a well-functioning loaded gun it will fire a bullet, and vaccines work.” Lots of different ways to look at lots of different things, aren’t there?

    You people and your impositions…….I really wish you would wake up and stop trying to force others to do things your way. Don’t be so much of an arrogant a$$ to think you know what is best for anyone but yourself. And then, we’ll meet you halfway and keep from doing the same. Sound fair?

  6. Society tells people what to do all the time. Please. You’re told not to exceed the speed limit. Why? Because it’s dangerous for others. You’re told not to shoot people. Why? That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? The point is that society has a responsibility to tell others what to do, in many many instances, and it’s all for the common good. Not EVERYTHING is a matter of opinion; some realities of living in the civilized world depend on everyone agreeing to conduct themselves in a certain manner and to abide to certain rules. To do otherwise is to sink into anarchy.

    Now, you an I may disagree on where to draw the line, and we may disagree about at which point we become TOO regulated, and which rules are ok and which are overreaching… but the principle of “telling people what to do” itself isn’t something that’s off the table: it’s the fundamental principle of modern society. That’s politics. That’s democracy. This is what we debate on a daily basis. That’s why Congress is there. That’s why the Supreme Court is there. So please don’t get carried away with your illusion that EVERYTHING is a matter of opinion. It isn’t.

    You place the burden of responsibility on the parents of sick children to keep them out of circulation. Ok… that’s YOUR opinion. Mine is that it’s up to people to vaccinate their kids since it’s not dangerous, and it’s beneficial for the common good. But in the end it’s not up to you or me, but up to the majority to decide. When up-until-now defeated diseases start reappearing (like Measles) and start causing damage, more and more reasonable parents will speak up until they make enough noise to make it a matter of public policy to force children to vaccinate. The majority of reasonable parents will IMPOSE their will on the misinformed minority, and that will be that. That’s the fundamental principle of society. Just like there may be a minority of people who want to do away with speed limits, but the majority imposes that rule on them. That’s democracy.

    If you don’t like this principle of governance, I challenge you to find a better one.

  7. Whatever dude. I love Liberty. The ability for me to decide for myself what is best for me is very important. I choose to vaccinate my kids. I do not, however, suffer from the narcissism seemingly running rampant in our society today that would place me firmly in the camp that I know it all. Others, like you apparently, love liberty, lower case, as long as others agree with you. “Sure, you’re free to do whatever you want to do, …… long as it is what I want you to do.”

    And no, it’s not up to the majority to decide. It’s up to the LAW to decide, and the law frequently keeps the majority from running roughshod over the minority. It is the difference between a democracy, which we do NOT live under, and a representative republic, which we do.

    Rule of the mob, or rule of law. I choose the latter. And that IS a better principle of governance. So…..Challenge met, and overcome.

    I hate abortion. I think it is a despicable decision. But I don’t have the right to tell someone else they can’t find a doctor to do it.

    I think smoking marijuana is ill advised and destructive. I think its use puts others in danger. But……..I don’t have to right to tell others they can’t smoke it.

    To be clear: If you force vaccinations on children not yours, you are just plain WRONG. Just because, unfortunately, some will choose not to do things your way, they have the right to do so, and a parent’s right to say no to vaccinating their child is more important than your desire to vaccinate them.

    So…….since we are never going to agree about our Liberty or liberty principles, probably should just agree that we each think the other is wrong, wish each other well, and move on.