If you’re reading this, you’re on the new server, at Media Temple. We’re hoping this will be our new home for a while at least. Impressions anyone? As fast as Bluehost? Any problems? Anything broken?


  1. WordPress crapped out for a moment. I refereshed a few times and it came back. Also, the IP address problem only occurs when looking at a post, not on the main page.

  2. Guys, don’t worry, the IP business is just temporary, until the DNS changes have propagated. I’m going to fix that on Monday.

    But guess what? It looks like it might have been a mistake to go with VPS. Seems our tiny little site might be too much to handle on a VPS. Ironically, after speaking with Media Temple tech, they’re telling me I might have been better of taking their cheaper Grid Server (which happens to be shared…).