Regular readers will notice the site doesn’t look normal at the moment. That’s because I had to activate the default WordPress theme until we figure out why our normal one is broken. I’ll have my tech guy look at things in the morning, but it’s 4am in the Eastern time zone, and things will look this way until at least 7am or 8am Pacific, when he wakes up (if he’s even home! Woe me if he isn’t!).

Not that I think any of you really cares what the site looks like, to be honest. But I figured I’d tell you anyway, in case you were wondering. It’s also the reason why there are barely any new posts up today. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for the last four hours. And I suck at this kind of stuff, so I’m out of my depth.

Patience, please.


  1. Stop using wordpress. I had some many problems with theme issues and hackers when I used the wordpress platform. Do yourself a favorite, trash wordpress and start from scratch!