By David Ponce

Notice we didn’t say “We’re recruiting“; this means we’re looking for people to pay, albeit in banana peels and Starbucks gift certificates. Or, maybe money if you’re nice to us.

There are two “positions” open, so keep reading if you’re looking to make a little money/get a little fame.

Ha! We’re just kidding about the fame thing.

1) WordPress developer. This means you know WordPress inside out, and know how to make a WP theme. You also have some graphic design skills, though that may not be entirely necessary. The scope of the work to be carried out will be determined later. At this point, please send examples of your recent work, as well as your pay expectations.

2) Feature Article Writer. This position we’re a little more interested about. We’re looking for someone to write feature length articles, from 500 to 1,000 words, on any technology related topic. To qualify, you need to live and breathe gadgets and technology, and be familiar with what makes our target audience (18 – 45 y.o. males) tick. You have to be creative and original, but above all, have excellent English writing skills.

The position is on a freelance basis, and assignments will be given at sporadic intervals, with increased frequency should there be good reader response. Please send the following: one short example of your writing, preferably between 100 to 250 words; four ideas for feature length articles; a short paragraph of why you think you’re suited for the position.

As mentioned, we will pay for this work, though exactly how much will be negotiated with you later on. And yes, there may be the occasional gadget freebie/review unit tossed in for good measure. We will only contact applicants that we feel are qualified, so please don’t get upset if you don’t hear from us about this.

Send your applications to “editor” at this domain.