What’s The Point: Champagne Machine Gun



So, are you one of those people that goes to clubs, gets table service, and then proceeds to shower everyone in your vicinity with obscene amounts of Champagne? Probably not, I mean, why would you be reading this website if you’ve got so much money burning a hole in your pocket. In the off chance you wandered here by accident though, can we interest you in this Champagne Machine Gun? It just holds your bottle so you can look like you’re shooting people as you spray them with your overpriced bubbly. There’s no real mechanism there; you still have to open your bottle manually, and shake it up, and even put your finger over the opening to get any kind of real pressure. Well, we’re not sure about the finger part, since it does come with a “diffuser” spout so we think maybe that does the job. Oh, and it’s $459. It comes in Gold, Chrome, and Rose Gold colors, and considering the price and ostentatiousness, we think there’s a decent chance there’s a market for this. We just don’t think they read this site.

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