Jogging is so 2008: all the cool kids these days are climbing. Unfortunately, not all the cool kids have the kind of space that can fit a climbing wall, leaving them to scale desks, stairwells and backyard sheds. While often making for YouTube gold, the more serious athletes might want to look into the Treadwall. It’s just like a treadmill, only more vertical and with more climbing points. You set the speed and determine the course, making things as hard or easy as you think you can handle. There’s no noisy motor, speed being determined entirely by friction. The TreadWall M4 is only 4 ft. wide and shouldn’t take up much space in your home.

And if you’re the kind of hardcore climber that trains for, you know, real life, then there’s the TreadWall Kore with an overhang that can reach 35 degrees, and up to 280 different hold positions. That particular one is almost $5,000, so we expect the other models to be somewhat less, but still in the comfortable 4 digits.

No, these aren’t exactly new products, but that’s never stopped us from posting about stuff before.

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