Chuck Norris Joke

Heard any good Chuck Norris jokes lately? No? Well, I have a couple for you. Before I pelt you with jokes, you’re probably already familiar with all the Norris-themed jokes and memes that are all over the Web these days. Never mind the whys and just enjoy the fact that we live in a Norris-dominated world these days. And he’s taking over Google.

Well, no, not really. Rather, a joke site has come up with a pretty creative way of showcasing the might of Chuck Norris. We won’t spoil too much for you, but instead, here’s what we want you to do:

1. Head on over to
2. Type ‘Where is Chuck Norris?’ in the search field.
3. Click on the first result you get.
4. Laugh. (We didn’t really need to tell you to do this now, did we?)

Here’s one of my favorite Chuck Norris jokes of all time:

Chuck Norris Joke

I hope this got rid of your Monday blues like it did mine!

VIA [ Softpedia ]