Is the chat room scene not dead? It was a staple of the geek lifestyle especially back in the days when we had dial up internet and had to listen to the modem load up. Surely these days with superfast broadband and the world at our fingertips chat rooms especially for dating aren’t that popular?

Well, chat rooms have never went away. Even though dating apps like Tinder and sites such as Plenty of Fish are highly popular there is still room for chat rooms to find other singles. Dating online can be hard however for many geeks and those fascinated by technology there is a buzzing chat room dating scene that flies under the radar of the traditional online dating methods.

This is why chat rooms such as asian chat room and countless others are still very popular.

You Get Responses Right Away
OK, so you message someone on Tinder. How long do you normally wait for a message back? 30 minutes? 2 hours? A day?
With chat rooms you get a response pretty much immediately. In a chat room everyone is online at the same time. They are interacting with one another and generally set aside a set amount of time to stay in the room. This makes it a lot different than apps and other dating websites where it can be days before you get a reply. Many people don’t even get notifications on their phone when you send a message so it can take a long time for someone to get back to you and by then you have probably moved on.

You Can Speak To A Variety Of People
This is true with dating apps as well however you tend to get a wider selection of people on a dating chat room. In fact, as there are many people in the room at the one time you get a greater sense of diversity as well. You can speak to a whole load of people at once without having to juggle various message groups on your phone.

Even if you get bored of the main chat after a while you can speak to other singles one on one as well as in a private conversation. In fact, a dating chat room gives you the best of both worlds where you can have a group conversation with lots of different people while chatting privately with one person too.

You Don’t Even Need To Leave Home
You can take part in chat rooms from the comfort of your own home as well and for people with social anxiety and difficulty meeting new people in person it can be a great way to get on the dating scene. There are a lot of dating chat rooms out there and you can talk to someone frequently online before you even need to exchange any contact numbers or add them on Facebook.

For a lot of people this is much better than giving out personal information or even meeting someone else face to face. Being shy, anxious or panicky can make dating difficult in the traditional sense however using chat rooms can give you more confidence and allow you to get to know the other person before you even meet them. Many apps and dating sites attract a certain type of outgoing person whereas chat rooms are more suited to geeks and those don’t always come across well in social situations.

Chat Rooms Are Still Popular
Chat rooms definitely have not gone away. They have simply emerged again as a dating subculture that still exists for many people. The key is finding the right one to suit your tastes, needs and personality.
You actually stand a better chance of meeting someone in a dating chat room that you do on any dating apps. You get to speak to a variety of people at once and you are more likely to get a quicker response in addition to having the option to speak privately too.

While chat rooms might not have the same popularity as they once did this is not a bad thing. For geeks and those that don’t want to take part in the more popular methods of dating, chat rooms still offer an important way to meet new people and find a partner online.