Multiple Amazon Echo

You probably have an Amazon Echo at home, but can it support your entire home’s smart home automation and keep up with everybody’s unique demands? If you’re still unsure of buying an additional Amazon Echo, here are the things that will convince you that having multiple Echoes at home might actually be a good thing.

The second Echo will arrive already pre-configured.

When you decide to order a second Echo, you will receive a pre-configured unit and you can readily copy music settings, snart home devices, Alexa skills, household profiles, and more.

You can have different alarms and timers for 2 Echoes.

The alarms and timers won’t be synced for the 2 Echoes and this is perfect; you and your teenager have different time schedules anyway.

Different tastes, different playlists.

Music is also another thing that can’t be played over multiple Echoes at the same time, so everybody at home can play the music to their liking.

You can get your second Echo (or your first) for $140, down $40 from its regular $180.