Why Isn’t The iPhone’s Unlock Screen Like This?


By David Ponce

Apple’s design mantra centres around elegance; this is pretty obvious not only in the physical aspect of their products but in the logic and simplicity with which their software is constructed. Sadly no one is perfect and right now the iPhone’s lock screen is a bit of a mess. With the addition of the camera unlock button it’s no longer symmetrical nor are the sliding gestures consistent: unlocking the phone slides horizontally, while accessing the camera slides vertically. The above picture surfaced on Brye Kobayashi’s website and features a redesigned lock screen. Pressing and holding either button would bring up the slider. Slide to the right to unlock, left to access the camera. The buttons are round, to match other round sliding buttons throughout the interface.

It’s smart. It’s simple. And it’s elegant. Apple, what are you waiting for, hire the man!

[ Brye Kobayashi’s Page ] VIA [ Core77 ]