widget station

By David Ponce

If widgets give you a boner, but having your PC by your side at all times is about as inspiring as watching dry paint get dryer, then you need a way to untether your widgets from your PC. Word is, if you get your hands on the WidgetStation, you’ll have accomplished just that. This device has won the 2007 International CES Innovation Award, which may or may not be a big deal. But the point is that with the WidgetStation you can keep track of whatever widget you want on a slick, dual screen tabletop device, and hide that godawful PC away. On one, monochrome LCD, you can display essentials, like the time, the date, etc. On the other, color LCD, you get to choose: you can keep track of stock quotes, rotate famous people’s dumb sayings, keep up with your RSS (e.g. get your OhGizmo gix), etc.

Hell, if you know widgets, you get the point. Pricing and availability haven’t been announced, but we suspect that any self-respecting executive is going to want to have one of these on his desk as soon as possible.

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