Wii Game Blaster from dreamGEAR


dreamGEAR Wii Game Blaster (Image via dreamGEAR)
By Shane McGlaun

Not too long ago we talked about the dreamGEAR Soft Sports kit for the Nintendo Wii. dreamGEAR is back again with another Wii accessory for the holidays. The Wii Game Blaster is compatible with any Wii FPS or shooting title. The $34.99 Wii Game Blaster combines the Wii Remote and Nunchuck into a wireless gun.

The Game Blaster is designed to break down at the touch of a button to allow you to go from shooting to throwing things like grenades easily. From the sounds of the Game blaster, breaking it into two pieces is easy, but I wonder how hard it is to reassemble. That could prove a problem while zapping zombie hoards. The Game Blaster has an ambidextrous design so all gamers should be able to use it.

VIA [ dreamGEAR ]