Wiimote Accessory Makes You Feel Like A Jedi


Wiimote Lightsaber

By Luke Anderson

I’m a big Star Wars nut, so it’s no surprise that I’m a sucker for almost anything that even slightly resembles a lightsaber. So upon seeing this awesome lightsaber accessory for your Wiimote, I’ve decided to make it my personal crusade to obtain a Wii this holiday season. Yes, I’m aware of the odds which I am up against.

This accessory, like many others, doesn’t really give you much of an edge in the game. It does however, look awesome. While the blade is shorter than the traditional Jedi weapon, its 22 ultra bright LEDs will give it that wonderful blue glow. Powered by 3 AA batteries and priced at $31, it’s the perfect gift for any Jedi-in-training.

[Play] VIA [GamerFront]


  1. While the toy might be cool, do NOT buy it from Play.com – they’ve got terrible customer service (a good search will confirm this), they won’t answer phone or emails and will even lock you out of your credit-card account information. Do NOT order from them.