By Chris Scott Barr

Time really does fly sometimes, doesn’t it? I can’t even remember the last time we gave something away. Don’t worry, we’re going to fix that right now. So what’s on the block to give away today? It’s a little something for my fellow gamers out there. Especially the ones whose living rooms get consumed by their games and peripherals. That’s right, we’re giving away a LevelUP Gaming Tower.

These handy storage towers will hold your console, several games, controllers and even Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars. There are three console versions (PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii), so one lucky winner will get their choice from the three.

So what do you have to do to win? It’s only slightly more complicated than the usual comment bit. We want you guys to give LevelUp some Facebook love, since they’re still trying to make a name for themselves. So if you live in the US, just “Like” the LevelUp Gear page, then come back here and drop a comment letting us know which one you’d like to win. Then, next Friday we’ll pick a winner at random (and check to see if you’re on the “Like” list for LevelUp.) Good luck!

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  1. Had my eye on these guys for awhile…just can't quite justify it to the wife yet. Maybe since Rock Band 3 is coming out, I can finally convince her that our plastic controllers would look much better in one of those Ottomans.

    I would love one of those Ottomans…here's hoping I finally win one of these giveaways! Love the blog, you guys are a daily read.

  2. I've been looking at these for a while, and just wish I had the cash to get one! One would look awesome in my living room. Xbox 360 Zig Zag for me please!

  3. PEE ES THREE! Uh, just in case that somehow puts me out of contention, I would like to clarify with the following sentence:

    If God's generosity allows me to win this wonderful prize, I would like to receive my bounty as the Playstation 3 model.