By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ll recall, back in August I reviewed the Mophie Juice Pack Air. The thing has been a life-saver on a number of occasions. I love my iPhone, but some days that battery just doesn’t cut it. I’m sure that some of you guys can relate, which is why we’re giving away one brand new Mophie Juice Pack Air (an $80 value!).

If you’ve got an iPhone 3G and have ever found yourself running low on battery life when you really needed it, leave us a comment for a chance to win. Get creative, tell us why you need one of these and I’ll pick the winner next Friday. Oh, and if you didn’t like the purple one I reviewed (not my favorite color either), don’t worry as the one up for grabs is black.

Now for the legal mumbo-jumbo. The contest is only open to US residents over 18. Keyboard cats need not apply.

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  1. My wife often drags me out shopping for yarn (and knitting needles, and crochet hooks, and books of patterns . . .) and my only recourse is to play games on my iPhone. It would be awesome to have an extended battery for those times when she's waffling between several items, and takes forever making her decision. That means less staring at walls of wool, shelves of silk, and aisles of acrylic and more playing video games!

  2. I work as IT person at a medium town newspaper and I reply on my iphone to keep me in touch with both people and servers. The motto here is: the newspaper must be published. Therefore I need my iphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always on.

    The Mophie Battery Pack would be perfect in this job. Thanks,


  3. I’d love to have this gizmo – I’m going for two weeks to Brazil in November and could use the extended battery life to take more photos on the trip! Sadly, the current battery life doesn’t last that long when I’m feelin’ inspired!

  4. My girlfriend just got a new iPhone for her birthday yesterday and my gift was crappy next to it so now I need to get out of the doghouse

  5. Awesome! No need for a contest. I'm the wittiest person here, so just go ahead and package it up and send it out to me. Thanks! I'll leave a little something to you guys in my will. And when I say “a little something”, I really just mean I'll give your Mophie battery pack back to you when I die. It's like KARMA! Circle of life, my friend. Circle of life.

    So you want to know what I'm going to use this battery pack for? Well, I'll tell you. I'm going to harness the batteries for a miniature electric vehicle for my KEYBOARD CAT! I'm sick of my keyboard cat driving around in her little diesel car. I told her, “Go green, or get out.”

  6. Well, see… there's this babe. And… she's from somewhere in the ballpark of Ursa Major, right? Which means she's not exactly who my parents had in mind for me, and I'm not sure if we could actually make babies, and if we did, they'd have two heads, y'know? But I'm not prejudiced, or anything, and besides she can do this thing…

    But I digress. Point being: while we're, you know… “making time”, (which *could* be a double-entendre reference to near-light-speed travel, but in this case actually isn't, because her little runabout isn't setup for it) while that's happening, she puts the ship on an autopilot loop out around Saturn, which makes for a great view during that first cigarette, right?

    And if you think AT&T's signal is weak around your house, just WAIT till you've seen how few bars there are on an intra-solar excursion. I mean, seriously. Which means that the iPhone is churning away all night trying to pickup a signal, which just totally hoses the battery.

    I could switch it to Airplane Mode, but she's got Wi-Fi, right? And sometimes in the middle of everything, she starts waxing rhapsodic about how we've been just going in TOTALLY the wrong direction in physics ever since we got hung up on wave/particle duality. And… spending the extra time to turn the Wi-Fi back on so I can get to Wikipedia… well… that just totally kills the mood, y'know?

    All of which is neither here nor there. Point being, the battery just isn't up to it. And her Nav system gets a little wonky on re-entry sometimes, (No, you pervs: *that* wasn't a double-entendre either!) which means I wind up needing a taxi – or the occasional helicopter extraction – to get home.

    So the extra battery life would just be, well… stellar. Y'know?

  7. I so totally need this as I am an international super hero and sometimes I don't get to head back to my base long enough to recharge my iPhone between saving women at the top of tall buildings, tied to rail road tracks with a steam engine coming, etc. Super hero work just doesn't pay what it used to, the exchange rate for kisses from damsels in distress to USD has tanked, property taxes on my secret base going up, and the economy in general I just can't afford the amazing Mophie Juice Pack Air the most awesome Juice Pack Air Mophie has made on my super hero budget.

  8. i am not a keyboard cat. i no lol or eat rat! i need battery you see, because my phone does not follow me. ohgizmo why are you so nice? all i can give in reciprocation is mice, but all and all that is not very nice. i will continue to read with glee for i am just a poet you see, with the battery life that causes me strife. my continued readership you'll see, and revenue per click will be from me! thank you ohgizmo for the chance, you've made me do the happy dance!

  9. I have a 4yr old girl and a 18 month old boy, and they both have fallen in love with my iPhone 3GS. They are constantly wanting to play games on it, and sometimes when I go to actually use it myself I find that they've drained the battery to less than 20%. I really need some sort of battery backup so that I can answer an occasional call or check my email every once in a while.

  10. I am an aspiring product designer and industrial design student. My iPhone is absolutely essential for keeping tabs of inspiration, as well as gathering new inspiration. I am constantly in Things, Notes, and Voice Memo taking notes of ideas and concepts, and of course using the camera to take pictures or everything that even vaguely interests me that could be utilized in a new design.

    I have a collection of 5000 images and counting of product inspiration in my iPhoto that is synced to my iPhone. It's convenient having this library in my palm for a quick reference instead of booting up the computer, or if I am out of the house.

    My iPhone also holds my digital portofolio so I can easily share with peers, teachers, and anyone else my work.

    So yeah, I use my phone a whole lot.

  11. I hate holiday sales but my wife LOVES it! To avoid any marriage problem, I always go with her to her holiday shopping and it gets real boring real quick. The only combat that I can do is play my iphone games. I can’t stress how important iphone battery to my survival! Happy wife, happy life…so, please help your brother out!

  12. I know I am not the typical iphone user. I am a semi-retired construction project manager. I use my phone for work and have very little time for games, although I have several on my phone. I do scheduling with my office and my home pc. I am al the time while traveling having to put my iphone on the vehicle charger due to the short battery life of the phone. If I didnt have the vehicle charger, the phone would be almost a total waste for my job. I have considered purchasing one of the various battery packs available. This one would do wonders for me while out and away from my vehicle. Thanks for listening to my rambling. I am also not a Bill Gates of the computer world..

  13. I have a battery, and it is dying…fast…over and over…..everyday. It was painful to see it start happening, but now I've become desensitized to it. It's like Groundhog Day, and I watch this thing in my pants die. Help the thing in my pants to stop dying so fast.

  14. I only have one phone: my iPhone. When it goes dead, it's like I suddently disappear from the world. I try to pay attention to the battery life, but we all know that one day of particularly heavy usage can kill the battery quickly. Right now, I use an iPod-docked radio at work for an extra charge, but the owner is changing jobs! Nooooo! Please, help me OhGizmo, you're my only hope!

  15. I need this because i am a full time student and i work 30+ hours a week and am always on the go. My iphone usually dies in the middle of the day and im tuneless on the drive back home. Pick me OhGizmo!

  16. I have become part of the borg. I have been assimilated. I have sold out to THE MAN. I'm a follower.

    I have left a 4 year love/hate relationship with HTC and WindowsMobile to become an iPhone fanboi. It wasn't a casual relationship with the HTC… Sheesh, I was downloading new ROMs, flashing like a mofo, and writing the occassional MortScript to help me get through my day. I had a lot of expertise invested in the HTC, but now, well, I've gone onto something younger, flashier, and frankly, sexier. And like many second-brides, this one has less substance internally. I'm talking less mAH, baby.

    The Morphie Juice Pack Air would be sort of like, well, an injection of substance into beauty. Don't get me wrong, I can still bang on my iPhone all day without the Morphie, but the pleasure would be much more shortly lived.

  17. I almost bought onw of these before I got my iPhone, but I stupidly thought “The Battery cannot be that bad, I'll just see how it goes…” BOY was I wrong!!! I need this to make it through the day!

  18. Pick one of three choices to determine the person worthy of this prize:

    I am a (poor/sexy/or geeky) 25 year old always on the go.

    I need this so I (can find a job/take totally hot naked pictures/or create awesome free iPhone apps) without the battery dying on me.

    If you were to award the Mophie to me, I would (finally feel like something good is happening in my life/be able to save for my boob job/or hide links to in all future code I write).

    So, please pick (me/me/or me) cause I would totally squeeze this Juice Pack…

  19. With a 2 hour each-way train commute, I've had to ration my iPhone time.

    Imagine that. Rationing. In 2009.

    What has the world come to. I just don't know.


  20. I am really going to need this for when I get my new Ipod touch. This will really allow me to enjoy the video capabilities and the mobile TV especially when I have to work on Sundays and be away from the NFL. I'm sure you can feel my pain. Thank You, Joe

  21. I need a juice pack realy bad because i use like the whole battery in like 5 hours of my 8 hour shift at work so im bored the rest of the time because im a securety guard and thier isnt much i do beside play with my iphone 3g


  22. I would love to win it because I use the maps feature a lot on the Iphone to look at traffic and directions. Did you know using the map app will run down your iphone battery life in an hour? I'd love to not get lost and not get go on routes that are congested

  23. Do you you what it's like to have your iphone battery crap out on my 2 year old in the middle of a 4 hour car ride? That's my idea of Halloween Horror.

  24. I have been finding it hard for to stay in contact with my family due to the fact a few a them have iphones. Particularly my younger brother. I am sure with his busy schedule he has no limited talk time with the battery how it is. And what is with taking forever to reply to a message. Or what is with not answering and then instantly chiming back with an email. He just got married and I think this would make a great gift for him. He would make good use out of this product. Thank you

  25. As a university student I have tons of free time between classes (ok so it's more like 30 minutes which isn't really enough time to do any school work but it is more than enough for games!) and in between my classes I like to check email and other such scholarly activities (like GAMES!) And because my iphone has internet my friends like to check their email too (play my games and try to beat my fantastic scores).
    This is why I need the extra battery power. for my scholarly activities (the games).

  26. Its really a scary thing to run out of battery on your iPhone in an airport in a city you aren't familiar with at all and need a phone to call and meet up with your ride. This has happened on multiple occasion to where I have to listen to a crying baby the whole flight cuz I can't use my iPhone for music in saving the battery for emergency calls. With the Mophie, this would be a thing of the past; and less scary!

  27. I would love one of these! I'm a teacher in Detroit and since we don't have telephones in our classroom, we're forced to rely on our personal cell phones. And on days when I have to teach the after school program, the battery is pretty much drained on my iPhone. Please give me one of these so the next time someone starts shooting in the neighborhood, I'll know for certain I can call the cops for help!

  28. The terrible reception AT&T has in Chicago drains my batteries so fast that I can't go a waking day without having to recharge. As a student that just moved here, I can't afford to buy one, so it'd be sweet if you'd hook me up.

  29. My mother just asked me what I wanted for my birthday last week, and this is the one thing I could think of that I REALLY want. I KILL batteries. I'm very ADD, and I have the thing on ALL of the time. I have a close friend who I see out a lot, and the joke is that he sees me and hands over the Mophie Juice pack because he KNOWS I'm going to ask for it eventually. I'm always low on juice, even though I charge the thing all day long. Even with push off, I have this horrible effect on batteries. I must check Facebook and Twitter constantly, see who commented on my latest uploads to Flickr. Lately, I've been updating Gowalla every few steps. Hey, at least I don't do heroin. At least there's that!

  30. I need it because I was recently at a family reunion in Santa Rosa, Ca. I didn't know the lay of the land and while we were coming home my grandma had a mild heart attack and I couldn't find the hospital. Why? My iPhone died. I wanted to throw it out the window!!!

  31. I need it because I was recently at a family reunion in Santa Rosa, Ca. I didn't know the lay of the land and while we were coming home my grandma had a mild heart attack and I couldn't find the hospital. Why? My iPhone died. I wanted to throw it out the window!!!