By David Ponce

Update 2: Sorry guys, the promo code is “ohgiz” and not the one at the bottom of this article. 20% off!

We wrote about BuckyBalls a few days ago and the company got in touch, offering some sets as giveaways. If you don’t know, BuckyBalls are 216 tiny magnet balls that can be re-arranged in any number of ways. I’ve got mine on my desk right now, and they’re awesome!

We’ve got three up for grabs, and all you got to do is leave a comment on this post.

Yeah… entering is that simple. Winning is different, since we’ll choose winners not at random, but at our discretion. And by “our”, I mean my dictatorial opinion. It might be the most entertaining comments, or the most compelling, or the most creative… I’ll decide. In other words, earn your BuyckyBalls guys; it just takes a little comment.

Oh yeah, and enter once. Be nice. We’ll be checking.

Update: Oh yeah, guys, I almost forgot. If you don’t win, you can still be a winner by entering promo code “ohgizmo” and get 20% off your own set of BuckyBalls!

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  1. What did the male magnet say to the female magnet?
    From your backside, I thought you were repulsive. However, after seeing you from the front, I find you rather attractive.

  2. I wish I could think of something witty to say about balls, but insomnia doesent seem to be humor’s friend…

    These things look like they would be awesome to just absentmindedly play with while you’re watching TV or something. I do wonder where the name “Bucky Balls” came from, couldnt find anything on their website about it.

  3. So there was this college student geek kid who wasn’t so manly, so felt bad for him and thought they would help him boost his ego so they kindly gave him a set of BuckyBalls to boost his self esteem! The End!

  4. There was this poor college geek kid who wasnt so manly. heard and felt bad for this poor poor geek and thought they would help him boost his ego, so they gave him his own set of BuckyBalls to raise his self esteem. The poor college kid lived happily ever after with his set of balls! The End!

  5. When I first read about these, I wanted some.
    I thought these must be over priced and instead of paying for the name, I'd just buy the same magnets from another store. Turns out, ZoomDoggle has the best price for this amount and size of sphere magnet(s).
    Anyway, the day they arrived, I was able to play with the Bucky Balls at least 15 minutes before the door bell rang. If I knew then, what I know now I would have either kept quite and continued playing or would have stashed them away. My Friend stopped by with her twelve year old daughter. You know the one that I could never say no to? Yeah, her. I was excited to show off my(her) new toy. In the same moment I handed over the jar, was the same time she assumed ownership. My smile began to droop, then was twice as big. She said, ” Thank you!” and opened the jar.
    Yes, I lost my new toy, but knowing that she was distracted from her DS for a few hours was worth it. Even though, I bet the jar is somewhere under the back seat of her mother's car or buried within the sea of toys in her closet.
    UPDATE I asked about them and she told me, they are doing fine and happy on her desk. She didn't exactly refused to bring them back, but has offered to take a picture. That is, if I let her use my camera.

  6. I really need BuckyBalls in my life because my job sucks, and I feel that it would bring some excitement into my dull, boring, mundane, and routine life. The only small glimmer of fun that I have revolves around checking out for any new posts. Plus I think all my co-workers won't believe all the things that BuckyBalls can do and,
    “The Greatest Pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” -Walter Gagehot

  7. I have nothing clever or witty to say. But I love me some BuckyBalls.

    The only sad thing about the situation is I had a friend in high school with the nickname “Bucky.” So you can see how it will be strange to play with these balls.

    So if you love homoerotic gadgets (and honestly, who doesn't?), then give me them balls!

  8. Tomorrow is my birthday. That didn't convince you? hmmm Well Tomorrow I'll be shooting my balls at people (paintballs). This girl could use some more lasting and keepsake set of balls. πŸ™‚

    Well, how about a Haiku?
    Require BuckyBalls
    For hours of magnetic fun
    Happy together

  9. BuckyBalls aren't just for personal desk enjoyment…not by any means! They can be re-allocated to other tasks such as cleaning a work area of construction debris, playing “confuse a gambler” at a Japanese pachinko parlor; the all new “Metallic Pea” color for the Family Truckster; or even swallowed (yeck!) by farm animals to cleanse their digestive tracks of metallic matter. Oh the uses beyond the desk.. If I had a set; I could find more…

  10. I am a high school teacher. These might come in handy when certain students get out of line (he he he) Therefore I would respectfully request being chosen as a winner of this exceptionally cool item!!

  11. There once were some balls called Bucky
    To win a set, I'd have to be quite lucky
    The geometric games I could play
    I'd make fun shapes all the day
    OhGizmo! is clearly the furthest from Sucky.

  12. I bought a set of bucky balls for my office because they are sooooo cool, I had them in my office for about an hour before somebody saw them and started to play with them, now everybody in my office about 30 people come into my office to play with them. They provide alot of entertainment because all the kids in the office try to see who can make the most unique shape, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to buy a second set so that I can play with them myself sicne i never get the use the set i have now

  13. bucky balls bucky balls
    you can make anything
    with bucky balls
    planes, trains even bucky dolls
    thanks ohgizmo for my bucky balls!!

    its BUCKY BALLS!!!!! YEA!!!!!

  14. BuckyBalls are great, and durable too! They'll survive anything! Most of mine made it all the way though one end of a dog and and out they other, and they still stick!..I just don't really want to touch them anymore. Please send me another set, I promise theses ones won't get soiled…

  15. Ahh Bucky, What Became of Your Kind? A Review of Utopia or Oblivion?

    In its day (1969-72, when I first read it), this was one of those inspirational heartbreakers — why can't EVERYONE see the promise of the approaching possible Golden Era? But with time (what, over 35 years now, since I first read it) even the great futurist himself seems a little dated. And I'd forgotten (or never really noticed before) how angry he could get, and not just at the Great Pirates who well deserve(d) it (especially considering recent economic news), but for those who had slighted him in the past as a gadfly of sorts. These lectures/expositions are a series of previously-published papers, and there is a lot of redundancy, but the basic question (“It's up to us, do we want to succeed or fail?”) still rings true. And some of his ideas, like the World-Wide Electrical Power Grid, and the end of the Nation-States were absolutely brilliant in their foresight. The bottom line, however, and what I think will be his legacy, is to look at the world not only differently (the sun doesn't set, the world turns), but holistically (there is no up and down, only in and out)… and how about those buckminsterfullerene molecules (buckyballs!) — they will change the world. We'll miss your kind, Bucky… we already do. (As a side note, I got to shake hands and speak briefly with Bucky after his Earth Day speech at Florida State University in 1974[?], just as the sun went down, and it still brings a tear to my eye to recall how both intelligent and innocent he was at the same time.)

  16. Well, my wife has been telling me for years that I should get a pair! How would she feel if I showed up with 216?!? As a self proclaimed geek, I know in my heart of hearts that not just my wife, but ALL WOMEN couldn't help but gravitate to me and my new found magnetic balls! What say you OhGizmo?!? Help a guy out!

  17. I love OhGizmo and check it daily (at work). I would love it so much more if I was lucky enough to get some free swag, of course. These Bucky Balls look like so much fun, I’d certainly buy some if my meager budget would so allow. Please consider choosing me to win some free Bucky Balls, I’d certainly appreciate it! Thanks!

  18. well, since i've started to get a little bored of making platonic solids and 3D fractals out of paper and business cards (a level 2 menger sponge using 3,456 business cards is a lot of work), i'd very much like an opportunity to see what i can accomplish with magnetic spheres.

  19. I would like some for therapy for my husband , father , grandchildren and me they look like fun good way to turn around boardom and teach the kids how to count and about science

  20. I saw these when you put them up and they look awesome! (they also made the gateway to your site and now I check in almost everyday) I was waiting for my student loan to come so I can get some. But when it first came I had lots of bills to pay… And now I'm bored, waiting for my next student loan. Please send me some so I can entertain myself?

  21. Being an old timer in the rubiks cube market, I think this is an absolutely amazing educational product. Wow ! and I am over 65 and think they are cooooool ! I am also not computer super, but what I have learned is just special. Thanks for the opportunity folks.

  22. What a coincidence! After 3 years of telling my wife I was going to get a vasectomy and putting it off because I am a little scared of surgery. I finally set an appointment for Oct. 23. I should say that all I can think of is what if something goes wrong. What if a blood clot follows the well worn pathway that so many manly signals have traveled before and flows from my testes right to my brain?… What if I get infected and my family jewels blow up to the size of ripe cantaloupes?… What if I find out in November that there is a deadly virus loose among the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders squad and the only antidote is a personal “special delivery” of my own healing sperm?… Must not think bad thoughts. Must not think bad thoughts. So I call and set it up. I put the phone down and pick up the laptop and lo and behold I find your offer of free Bucky Balls.
    Now I know there will be days if not weeks after surgery when I won't be able to play with my own… so please send me a set of Bucky's Balls. There is nothing, nothing, I can think of that will alleviate the misery, the ache, the pure emasculating temerity that will happen on Oct. 23 except a set of Bucky Balls… Oh yea, and a twenty pound bag of ice.

    Maybe this limerick will help my chances:

    I would like to thank the Ohgizmo academy
    For recognizing this altercation upon my anatomy
    No ifs ands or buts
    I'm in for an a-salting of my nuts
    So send me those Bucky Balls on the day of my vasectomy

  23. I used to work at an elementary school and the music teacher would usually be out on duty with me on the playground at recess. The students usually brought their baseballs, kickballs, superballs…you name it. When it came time for the bell to ring telling us it was time for recess to be over the music teacher would always yell out “RECESS IS OVER…HOLD YOUR BALLS!” Man did those boys laugh everytime as well as me…she never knew what she was saying and it still cracks me up. I'd really like to hold those buckyballs.

  24. Wow!! These things look awesome, I have heard of many different kinds of balls, but these magnets are awesome. I could spend insane amount of time playing with these than doing work at work!! Which is probably good cuz I am sitting here bored out of my mind right now

  25. Warning: Swallowing BuckyBalls may cause death because of magnetic bowel obstruction, on the flip side it may also make for a very cool looking x-ray to post to Facebook.

  26. Adding a set of nice, ferrous balls would really put the finishing touches on my cubicle:

    It will automatically let co-workers know that I’m not afraid to “make the call.” (“That guy’s got balls!”)

    When I use them during a brainstorming session, it’ll show that I can “think outside the box.” (“I’ve never seen balls like that before…)

    When I’m running late in the morning and need to save some time, I can shave at work by looking at my reflection in my shiny Buckyballs. (“Why’s he staring at his balls?”)

    A well-configured Buckyball sculpture in a drab office could lift my co-workers spirits and add some style to a sea of beige furniture. (“His balls looked so good today, I think I’ll postpone my two-weeks notice.”)

    The possibilities are endless.

  27. Just wanted to let you know that I only read a few tech blogs on the regular — and Oh Gizmo is definitely one of them! Man it's gotten me interested in technology, manufacturing, concept design, brand development — everything! Thanks… and I hope I win them balls.

  28. I'd like to point out that no one has yet promised that they'll not ingest the BuckyBalls. From a liability standpoint, that may be worth considering.

    I, however, promise not to eat the BuckyBalls.

    I swear.


  29. Whelp…Entering to win a set of balls. I used to have my own, but then I got married. I was going to purchase my own set, but I know my wife would just take them and play with them when I wasn’t home. I’d love to win my own set of balls, should it be my chance.

  30. I could write some clever remark, like a magnet related joke, or a pun, or even play with the word Bucky and it’s endless set of possibilities to rhyme. looking over past comments I seem to have been beaten to the punch. This is not the wittiest, or cleverest comment, but it has a fair deal of self-introspection and I’d really like a pair of Bucky Balls so… yeah.

  31. I've left your previous post about bucky balls open in my browser for 3 days as a reminder to go buy some. It could be years before I get any of that sweet rare earth magnet action, unless I get lucky this time…

  32. Please give it to me! I'm brazilian and it's very expensive to exchange my money to dollars! I behaved and I'm always watching OhGizmo! feeds! Make me happy!

  33. Please give it to me! I'm brazilian and it's very expensive to exchange my money to dollars! I behaved and I'm always watching OhGizmo! feeds! Make me happy!

  34. @ Jessica Garrett: Even if you had a set…”taint” the same thing. But I do wish you the best.

    Here's a joke: Q:How do you catch a unique rabbit? A:Unique up on him! Q:How do you catch a tame rabbit? A:Tame way; unique up on him!!!

    Haha, dumb but distracting.

  35. I am only leaving a comment in the hopes of winning. To wax wit would possibly increase my chances, but considering that winners are chosen at the discretion of the editors, well; one can only post and hope. I would definitely love a set of these.


  36. Out of 162 comment thus far only ONE person has mentioned who Bucky actually is! Buckminster Fuller was a man ahead of his time. He had invented so many things that are still considered to be ahead of this time.
    While in his prime, he envisioned and prototyped a dome or sphere that was so structurally sound that no matter what size you build, with no supporting columns internally or externally. Many buildings showed this design, one famous one was the Montreal Biosphere (look it up) or you may be more familiar with “Spaceship Earth” better known as Epcot. They were so strong and perfect that they have been used for many buildings and sports complexes.
    They are even creating molecules that are in the shape of mini “Epcots” and they have named them “Bucky Balls”. They are hollow balls that are comprised entirely of carbon and are incredibly strong for their size. They are trying to use them in applications of material where tensile strength is needed.
    Just thought I would share a little about what “Bucky Balls” are all about. I had first heard about him in college where I studied design. I hope the winners of this contest read this to know a little more of what they had won.

  37. General Secretary OhGizmo, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Interwebs and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this comment. Mr. OhGizmo, read this comment. Mr. OhGizmo, give me those balls!

  38. General Secretary OhGizmo, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Interwebs and this website, if you seek liberalization, come here to this comment. Mr. OhGizmo, read this comment. Mr. OhGizmo, give me Bucky Balls!

  39. Ahoy, me hearties! This old salt needs some BuckyBalls. Me cutlass is itching ta send some scallywags ta Davy Jones' Locker, savvy? And find me rum, will ye!?

  40. I normally wouldn't jump in line to beg for a free give-away, but “I want one, I want one!” Seriously, those things look awesome. Unfortunately, unless I get them for free I highly doubt I will ever have any first hand experience with them. I guess I'm saying I'd love to have a set, BuckyBalls and bong rips seem like a great way to kill a few hours.


    P.S. OhGizmo is one of my favorite sites, right up there with Dark Roasted Blend, keep doing what you're doing.

  41. E::#
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    # it, GiW

  42. My life is just one of fore things boring, sad, morbid, or occasionally happy, that's why i have been able to count how many times I've actually won anything. 7, 7 is how many things I've won in my entire life. Would you be so kind as to make that number 8?

  43. “Bucky Balls” is also a chemistry term for a chemical structure that looks like a large soccer ball (relatively speaking, of course). My wife has a chemistry degree, and this would make an ideal present for her. Help a hubby score some marital brownie points!

  44. Bucky Balls are so fun. My friend gave me a free pair cause he won some for a video contest. Its fun when you try to make shapes out of them like a cube, which isn’t hard but if you try to make a sphere. It takes me forever!

  45. These actually look really cool! I was thinking of buying a set because simple things entertain me for hours. Who knows what I can build with these things.

  46. I hear they are really fun to mess with and make different things……they have several youtube videos making 100's of things, Oh well here is my comment, hope I win a set.

  47. If only they were only soccer ball shaped like real buckyballs. They're not even superconducting like cesium doped buckeyballs. They may be better for your heatlh than real buckyballs though.

  48. Part of me just wants to find out what would happen if you set these up in a delicate circle around one of those plastic army men. Then when you tipped one off sending the whole cascade of balls into the unfortunate plastic 'lack-of-action' figure if they would take his head off. Make my experiment possible.

  49. I am now going to provide you with the ultimate answer to all of life’s questions. In return, I would like a set of BuckyBalls please.
    The answer?


  50. These are crucial in my quest for global domination. Unfortunately, funds have run dry after constructing the first 2 phases of my plan and I am in desperate need of winning this contest. Award them to me and you shall earn a seat of power in my new world order.

  51. These are crucial in my quest for global domination. Unfortunately, funds have run dry after constructing the first 2 phases of my plan and I am in desperate need of winning this contest. Award them to me and you shall earn a seat of power in my new world order.