Windows 7 Trial Period Can Be Extended To 120 Days



By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re on the fence about Windows 7, you’re not alone. Many people didn’t like Vista, which makes them leery of upgrading to the next OS from Microsoft. Up until last week you could have downloaded the RC1 Build, but even that isn’t the full polished version you’d get with a new PC. Thankfully, Microsoft seems to know that some people aren’t ready to jump in headfirst and buy a brand new copy right off the bat. As such, they are going to let anyone test out their latest offering for a trial period before requiring them to purchase a license.

No, trial periods aren’t anything new to Windows. Generally Microsoft has allowed 30 days for you to make up your mind before asking you to send some money their way. This time around, you can extend the trial to a full 120 days. That should be long enough for just about anyone to realize that Windows 7 is a solid OS. I’ve been using it full-time on all of my Windows machines for a few months now, and couldn’t be happier. Except maybe when I’m on my Mac. (I kid, I kid.)

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