Windows7 Upgrade

By Chris Scott Barr

Windows 7 will be out before you know it, so it’s probably good to start thinking about upgrading. Namely, if you’re going to do a clean install, or attempt to keep all of your files/programs in tact by performing a straight upgrade. Personally, I like starting out fresh, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Well if you’re planning on doing an upgrade, here’s an idea of just how long it is going to take.

So basically, you’re looking at anywhere between 30 minutes and 21 hours for the upgrade. That’s right, if you have middle-of-the-road computer with a ton of crap on it, the upgrade will take all day. Honestly, at that point you’re better off just backing up the data and installing fresh. For that matter, if you really have 650Gb worth of data, it really shouldn’t be on your primary hard drive in the first place.

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