Windows Mobile 7

By Chris Scott Barr

If Apple learned nothing else after releasing the first two versions of their iPhone software, it was that users wanted copy and paste functionality. It seems like everyone and their brother myself (and my brother) voiced their frustration at Apple’s apparent disregard for a feature that everyone clearly wanted. Thankfully, such a stink was raised that Apple, along with every other mobile OS provider, now knows better than to leave it out from future software.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t get that memo. It has been confirmed that Windows Phone 7 Series will not allow users to copy and paste. It is their firm belief that most users don’t really need clipboard functionality. You’re right, I don’t need clipboard functionality; then again I don’t need a smartphone. I do, however, want a phone that has a touchscreen, can run variety of software, play music, and let me copy and paste.

VIA [ Engadget ]


  1. This is an outrage!
    Not really, I kind of expected a screw up like this. I just wonder If MS isn't just messing with Engadget for all their Fruit company love 🙂 Wouldn't it be wonderful If they announced elsewhere that this was a “PR cockup” and that everything is fine in the house of WP7.